James Fitzpatrick

James Fitzpatrick speaker at Chief Customer Officer Sydney Customer Experience Conference 2017 Sydney

James Fitzpatrick

Job Title: Chief Customer Officer

Company: Superconcepts

James is the Chief Customer Officer with SuperConcepts is currently responsible for Distribution and Marketing. Prior to working with SuperConcepts James worked with Suncorp for 11 years and worked in a number of senior roles across product, strategic innvoation and leading Suncorp’s development of a online insurance company Bingle. James passionately believes in leadership with his outlook on how to make change in organisations following the adaptive leadership model which he has spent a number of years studying and working with. James is also a qualified actuary

Speaking at the following:

09:55 - 10:30
CCO Think Tank: Ensure service and experience build the corner stone to every business

Knowing your customer – why measuring customer effort is key. What does value creating look like in the age of the customer? Supporting strategic business outcomes through CX and emotional connection.