Lawrence Mitchell

Lawrence Mitchell speaker Chief Customer Officer Sydney 2018 customer experience conference

Lawrence Mitchell

Job Title: Chief Customer Officer

Company: Sumo Salad

Lawrence is Chief Customer Officer of SumoSalad, Former Global Marketing Director at RELX Group and Founder of RAW Energy. Having worked in the publishing industry for 20 years, living and working through the first phases of the digital revolution, and now experiencing life in food retailing, Lawrence is certainly used to disruption, uncertainty and transformation. But through all of this, his belief in putting the customer at the heart of an organisation has helped multiple brands innovate, evolve and transform to serve those customers better and to leverage insight, analytics and culture to drive performance. Lawrence is a huge advocate for promoting wellness in the workplace and is the creator and sponsor of the award-winning RBI Living Well programme. Through is RAW Energy platform, he now consults and supports business and community leaders to be more resilient, more authentic and more focused on wellbeing. Lawrence is the author of three books including: Success without Stress: How to Prevent Burnout and Build Resilience for Optimal Health & Performance.

Speaking at the following:

11:50 - 12:25
Audience led panel: Ask our CCO’s – Customer centricity and the role of the CCO

During this session, attendees will have the chance to ask any burning questions completely anonymously via our event app. The session will be moderated by our event Chair.