Lisa Pogonoski

Lisa Pogonoski Chief Customer Officer BT Financial speaker Chief Customer Officer Sydney customer experience conference

Lisa Pogonoski

Job Title: Chief Customer Officer

Company: BT Financial Group

Lisa Pogonoski is the Chief Customer Officer of BT Financial Group, a role responsible for working with senior leaders to drive customer focus across the organisation of 5,000 people. Lisa had been with BT for 20 years in various roles including running the BT contact centre, managing customer service change programs & running key support teams such as training, process improvement, change management & customer experience functions. Most recently Lisa spent 3 years building Scalable Advice business in BT, a team of 90 people focused on helping customers with their insurance & superannuation needs over the phone.

Speaking at the following:

09:55 - 10:30
CCO Think Tank: Ensure service and experience build the corner stone to every business

Knowing your customer – why measuring customer effort is key. What does value creating look like in the age of the customer? Supporting strategic business outcomes through CX and emotional connection.

13:50 - 14:20
Discussion Group: The impact of customer centric design on your service offering

Where to start on becoming customer driven – aligning your internal value proposition with your in-market offering. How to market in a way that makes sense to customers. Understanding the impact of CX on brand.

14:45 - 15:15
Discussion Group: Engagement, adaptability and adoption: measuring success

How to measure customer happiness beyond NPS and extract data metric values. Measuring insight from all channels: surveys, call centres, social etc. to gain a holistic view. Revealing effective measurements to gauge the success of your CX program and initiative.